The potholes around Western New York are obnoxious.

Last year, SEARS parking lot at the Eastern Hills mall was a hot mess. I joked that it was like riding the Predator at Darien Lake...but, of course shortly after I joked about it, I crushed a few potholes and popped a couple of tires. The Eastern Hills Mall blamed SEARS and SEARS blamed the Mall--it was a hot mess (then again, it's a mess over there anyway for other reasons).

I forked up a couple of hundred bucks which wasn't fun, but had it been an Erie County road, they may have forked up the money.

If you have a ton of potholes in your town, (sorry Lockport), Erie County has a way to apply for help.

If your vehicle has been damaged by a pothole on an Erie County maintained road, you can file a property damage claim with the county's law department.