Caution:  Reading this may result in you becoming your boss's favorite.  Be ready for terms like kiss-up, brown-noser and the like. Seriously, if you want to get more recognition from your boss their are ways to do it, other than washing his or her car in the dead of winter.

Business Insider looked at various ways to impress the higher-ups:

  • Demonstrate your value to the company
  • Learn your boss's communication style and copy it
  • Get to work early
  • Say 'thank you' more often
  • Solve problems on your own

It’s better to ask for their advice than their opinion. As psychologist Robert Cialdini previously told Business Insider, asking for advice creates a partnership between you and your boss and encourages them to be more supportive of your idea.

Don’t be afraid of looking stupid, either... you should “never be afraid to pitch an idea; we all have good ones, and we all have bad ones.”