You know me....I'm crazy animal girl.

A vicious, rabid raccoon could be lurching directly at my face, and I'd try to pet it, snuggle it, and make it my friend.

I was staying with my brother in Naples, Florida and there's a lovely pond in the center of the complex.  Naturally, that means some wildlife...and I can't NOT feed animals, even if they CAN dive for Clams Casino a couple hundred yards away!

I was on my way back from the gym Friday morning, and they were just lookin at me.  What was I supposed to do? IGNORE THEIR PLEAS??? IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!

Naturally, you know why they'd all start to hate me...because by the time I left 5 days later, they knew as soon as I opened the apartment door, they were getting fed.  And you know what ducks do when they eat...........