Do you have a family "game night" where you all set aside an evening to just play a few board or card games together?

A few friends of mine used to get together and do a game night a few times a month...and it was always something fun to look forward to. We're no celebrities though.  And I have a feeling this new show could really make things interesting.

'Hollywood Game Night' is a pretty awesome-sounding game show, where everyday people spend a night playing games with celebrities. The hilarious Jane Lynch will host, and Sean Hayes from 'Will & Grace' will produce it. Some of the stars signed up for the show include Amy Poehler, Matthew Perry, Jason Bateman, Maya Rudolf and Martin Short.

It sounds like it could ge great, especially with the really cool, down-to-earth celebs. Plus, word is there will be booze involved, which could bring that "cocktail party atmosphere" feel to the show that sounds really fun.

So...what celeb would you like to play what game with?  For instance:

I'd like to play Monopoly with Carl Paladino.

I'd like to play PayDay with Donald Trump.

Of course Candyland would be played with Paula Deen, and the game pieces would be Butter Lambs.

:) <3 LD

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