Most of us were expecting a "harsh" Winter for Buffalo this year based on early predictions, but it thankfully hasn't materialized yet and it is nearly February.

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That doesn't mean we are out of the woods, but every day that "real" Winter doesn't arrive is a day closer to Spring.  The next 4 days shows no real Winter pattern with mild temperatures again for the beginning of next week.

The extended forecast from our partners at News 4 Buffalo:

FRIDAY: Mostly Cloudy, Snow Showers Develop by later in the afternoon especially south of Buffalo, High: 30-35,  Snow showers Friday evening with 1″ or less accumulation, Low: 23


SATURDAY: Cloudy, Snow Showers develop later afternoon, High: 35, Overnight Snow Showers, with 1″ or less accumulation, perhaps 2″ on the hills, Low: 28


SUNDAY: Early Snow Showers End, Chance of a few Scattered Afternoon Snow Showers, High: 38, Low: 35


MONDAY: Mostly Cloudy, Mild, High: 47, Low: 44


TUESDAY: Mostly Cloudy, Rain Showers, High: 44, Low: 34