If you've been listening to Mix 96, you know that I've been watching what I eat as I've teamed up with Guaranteed Weight Loss of WNY to slim down this year. I've just discovered that there are actually some 'healthy foods' that can cause weight gain due to their calorie content. Here are some foods with a good-for-you reputation that can screw with your weight loss plan.

Almonds: 1/4 cup kernels (206 calories)

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Avocado: 1/4 large or 1/2 small fruit (80 calories)

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Banana: 1 small or 1/2 large fruit (61 to 89 calories)

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Dark chocolate: 1 ounce (138 calories)

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Nut butter: 2 tablespoons (202 calories)

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Olive oil: 2 tablespoons (238 calories)

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Pistachios: 1/4 cup kernels (171 calories)

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Quinoa: 1/2 cup, cooked (111 calories)

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Even walnuts made his list, how disappointing, I love walnuts. A 1/4 cup of shelled halves has 163 calories! Ouch!

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