As you may or may not know... I'm probably one of the BIGGEST Lady Gaga fans in all of WNY. I practically have a shrine in her honor and she's tattooed to my body...


So you've probably heard by now Lady Gaga is this years headliner for the Super Bowl Halftime. So Pepsi (who sponsors the halftime show) is having fans enter a contest to be selected to view her performance live from the sidelines at the big game!


I have entered this contest and need your help! Help Pepsi see my video!!! All you need to do is retweet my tweet above!!! If you would like to enter the contest yourself click the link below to see how to enter. Now this contest I'm entered in and suggesting to you has NO affiliation whatsoever with Mix 96, WMSX, or Townsquare Media. Therefore your chance at winning is as good as mine.


Please if you would like to see me go crazy, help me and retweet the tweet at the top of the page! If you're entering good luck to you!!