Everone has a favorite meal of the day...for me it is dinner but survey says... most of us like breakfast more than lunch or dinner. Truth be told we like it so much, the average person has a SECOND breakfast at least once a week.

...More than half (62 percent) of the 2,000 respondents believe it’s high time for ‘Second Breakfast’ to be officially recognized as a meal.

According to the survey, Americans are sick of feeling judged and condemned for their love of eating breakfast foods at all times of the day.

The results showed that nearly half of Americans feel they are “not allowed” to eat breakfast foods past 10:25 a.m.

4 out of 10  of us have eaten breakfast for all three meals before.

What you may ask are our favorite breakfast foods  . . .

1.  Eggs.

2.  Sausage.

3.  Toast.

4.  Pancakes.

5.  Bacon.

6.  Cereal.

7.  Fresh fruit.

8.  Oatmeal.

9.  Home fries.

10.  Donuts.