He was getting grilled on Facebook for doing this the other day.

Ted Casey, the Hamburg Highway Superintendent used his vehicle from Hamburg, the Ford Expedition to Philadelphia to pick up his daughter in an emergency situation.

During his travels he got a ticket.The problem is that the Town of Hamburg's insurance may not have covered his trip if there was an accident because it was not being used for work. According to WGRZ, Casey said:

I entered into public service as Hamburg Highway Superintendent and was issued a vehicle as part of my compensation.

Although I did not violate town policy I certainly understand constituent concerns relative to this isolated event.

I am confident that anyone put in that position would have done the same.

I respect the taxpayers of Hamburg and all related costs associated with the travel, including the ticket, were paid out-of-pocket.

I mean, it's like getting a company car--most times you can still drive around and live your normal life with the car. After all, it's not like we are paying for the ticket or anything.

Above anything else, family before work right?