Today marks the 24 year anniversary of the greatest comeback in NFL history.  And who owns this NFL honor of greatness??  Our beloved Buffalo Bills of course!  Unfortunately like most things Bills related, it feels like that game was a million years ago.


These days we are not known for comebacks, we are more known for blowing games that matter.  If there is one thing we have excelled at during 'the drought' it has been snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!


Thankfully that hasn't always been the case, and at one time we were king of the NFL mountain.  On a cold day in January 1993 the Bills took winning to the next level.  Just when all hope seemed lost, the Bills made the Wild Card game live up to its name.


Everyone has a story about where they were during the comeback.  Lots of people say they were at the game and didn't leave, and I call those people liars.  I am the most optimistic Bills fan that has probably ever lived, but when Frank Reich (our backup QB) threw a pick 6 to kick off the second half, even I thought it was over.  We were losing 35-3 at that point, and the stadium emptied quick.  What happened next was nothing short of miraculous.


I was 15 at the time and listened to the game on the radio at my Dads house.  That's right, the biggest game in Bills history was not televised because we were that sick of going to playoff games.  The NFL Gods certainly are a fickle bunch!  Enjoy the highlights...