On the heels of that pastor-removing-the-tip-from-her-bill story, here's another restaurant receipt that may make you chuckle.

In Washington state, servers at an Italian restaurant offered a family a $4 discount for their "well behaved kids"...and took that $4 off their bill.


The restaurant's owner says it's a high-end place, and many customers pay for a babysitter just to go there. ..so why notThey give discounts all the time for other things, so they might as well give one to a family whose kids behave.

I was a waitress in many places for many years...from chain pizza places to 5 star dining establishments (I waited on President Clinton and George Stephanopolis at Chautauqua Institution!), there's not much worse when you're trying to give good service and attention to your customers than kids that are crawling on the floor, screaming in your face, throwing stuff at you....lots of us (wait staff) have kids of our own who will do that for free at home!  Throwing a bone to a family that's teaching their kids respectful behavior in public environments?  Sure, why not?!?!

I agree with the blog-writer who this happened to, that kids should understand eating out shouldn't involve crayons and iPads...it should be about conversations and being together.

To her critics, Laura King says her family isn't expecting handouts just because they're being respectful...but it sure does make you feel good when someone else notices your kids for something POSITIVE.

Kudos, mommy.  You should start teaching classes! :)

<3 LD