If you are a Girl Scout cookie aficionado, then big news, there is a new flavor with a message coming out.

Paul Morigi

Channel 2 has the delicious news,

 In addition to everyone's favorites such as Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Tagalongs, and Do-si-dos, select markets will see the introduction of Lemon-ups. The cookies are described as zesty with a refreshing taste of lemon.

Besides the lemon taste, the cookies also will feature motivation messages such as "I am a leader," or "I am a go-getter!"

This year's refreshed cookie packaging "emphasizes what the Girl Scout Cookie program is all about," with the images on the packaging featuring Girl Scouts "taking part in a diverse range of experiences available to members."

So, when that person in your office with that girl scout daughter comes to you with the order sheet give these a try.  Why?  Because You are so cool!  :-)