You know some resolutions can be fun.  Well, that's at least according to Parade Magazine.  The writers at Parade decided to focus on positive resolutions.

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After all, resolutions can be about celebrating 2020 and doing more for yourself, body-mind and spirit. So, with a new twist on what a resolution means, let's go!

1)  Focus on a Passion, Not the Way You Look. :-)
2)  Work out to feel good, not to be thinner
3) Stop gossiping
4) Give one compliment a day
5) Go a whole day without checking your email
6) Do random acts of kindness
7) Read one book this winter
8) Take a day-trip to someplace you've never been
9) devote one day to clearing out the clutter, blast 96.1 the Breeze to motivate you.
10) Turn off your phone one night a week.  Can you?  
11) Write down one thing you're grateful for every night
12)  Drink more water
13)  Talk to yourself with kindness, become your best friend :-)
For a full list of 55 (wow!) click here