Western New York meteorologists just LOVE meteorological records. They brag about them, they rejoice in them, they tweet about them, they revel in them.

There's a chance we could meet (or beat) a record high temperature today, which is 84 degrees (the forecast is 82).  The crazy thing is that the record was set in 1984...and coincidentally, there have been about a million 1984 references today.  All by sheer coincidence!

  • In the Celebrity Fix, Madonna called the upcoming movie about her "lies" because they share a quote she claims she never made on American Bandstand (she DID in fact make this quote, which was "proven" by this YouTube clip).  That interview happened in 1984.
  • Today's #1 Track Throwback was Wham! "Everything She Wants"...from 1984.
  • Earlier, one of our Mix 96 Classics was "Jump" from Van Halen's album "1984".

I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane with other fun facts about Buffalo from 1984...

Getty Images
  • The Buffalo Bills were in their 25th season (15th year in the NFL) :
    • Ralph Wilson was the president of the organization
    • They got a new helmet design, from white to red
    • Joe Ferguson was the QB
    • Started the season with 11 consecutive losses.........
  • Ziggy & Zon's World had "all your First Communion needs" (it closed in 1997)
  • The average home cost about $80,000

I was almost 10 years old...Sixteen Candles, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins were all in theatres.  It was a good time.

And, it was 84 degrees. :)