It's official.  It's flu season.  And some reports say it could be even worse this year in Buffalo than in last years.

Buffalo-area Catholic Health hospitals are already implementing restrictions to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus.  Kids under 14 are banned from visiting patients until the season winds down, and anyone with flu-like symptoms are urged to stay away from hospitals or long-term car facilities.


If you've got kids, you don't need me to tell you that mom's get sick a LOT.  According to a recent survey, the average mom get sick 324 times during her kid's childhood!

That's 18 times a year!!!

Obviously, parents often get sick as a result of the bugs their kids bring home.

But how sick do your kids have to be before you actually let them stay home from school?  Of the five symptoms asked about in a survey of 1400 parents, here's what parents said:

  • 88% would send their kid to school with a runny nose and dry cough, as long as there was no fever.
  • 84% would send them with red, watery eyes, but no fever
  • 51% would send them with a slight fever, as long as they were acting normal
  • 42% would send them if they'd thrown up ONCE, with no other symptoms
  • 20% would send them if they had diarrhea

Our question to you:

How sick do your kids have to be before you'll let them stay home from school?

How sick do YOU have to be before you stay home from work?

Comment below!


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