I love it when Buffalo shows up as an answer (a question?) on 'Jeopardy!'

Here's the five most recent Buffalo questions from the show:


  • 1

    All-American Food for $400

    The Anchor Bar says it's the home of the original this deep-fried chicken dish with hot sauce & bleu-cheese dressing


    What are chicken wings?

  • 2

    NHL Logos for $400

    In 2010 they brought back crossed swords to their bison logo


    Who are the Buffalo Sabres?

    Robin Lehner allowed just one goal against the Blues but the Sabres scored none (Getty Images)
  • 3

    Nikola Tesla for $800

    Several of Tesla's product designs were used to harness this natural landmark to power Buffalo, New York


    What is Niagara Falls?

    Getty Images
  • 4

    The 19th Century for $1000

    After this project was completed in 1825, freight rates from Buffalo to New York City dropped from $100 to $10 a ton


    What is the Erie Canal?

    SSPL via Getty Images
  • 5

    Animals on the Map for $400

    This city in New York state is sometimes called "Nickel City"


    What is Buffalo?

    Rob Banks WYRK