It's Fish Fryday and McDonald's came in and hooked it up (pun intended).  They brought enough Fish Filet sandwiches to last until next Lent!  You might not think about McDonald's as a Lent stop, but if you haven't had the Filet-O-Fish in a while you need to try it again.


McDonald's uses a wild caught Alaskan Pollock as their fish option and it is delicious. Topped with tarter sauce and paired with french fries, it is a great option when you are on the run during Lent.  Quick and delicious is what Fish Fryday Fast Food Edition is all about!


The best part of getting a meal like this from the Golden Arches is that dessert is just as quick!  We were lucky enough to finish off our fish with an apple pie and a McFlurry - This has been the best Lenten season ever!  I am cool if they decide to extend it another 40 days, I'm lovin' it!


If you missed us devouring McDonald's today you can relive that magical moment right here!  We recommend you pick up a Filet-O-Fish and play along with us.