Last night I was able to have a father/son night of memory making at the Keybank Center.  It was not for a Sabres game, since most of the positive memory making with them has been lacking lately.  It was for something I never thought I would go to - MONDAY NIGHT RAW.


I wrestled with the idea of going - BOOM, right out of the gates you get a wrestling joke, you're welcome!  Anyway, I was able to get some tickets and when I told my son he became uncontrollably excited.  That right there was a reason to do it.

I knew he would enjoy it.  His friends love to imitate the wrestlers all the time, play with the action figures, and play the video games.  Side note - If your kids are into wrestling, the Xbox and Playstation games are legit and well worth the purchase price.


One thing that I didn't expect was how much I would enjoy it too.  First off it was just great to be out on the town, father and son style.  Just 2 guys doing their thing, and getting ready to watch muscular men in tights fight each other.  Ok, that didn't sound exactly how it meant to.  Plus there were women wrestlers too, so don't judge!

The pageantry of the WWE is amazing.  It is a marketing machine that has turned something that is (SPOILER ALERT) not real, into a multi Billion dollar business.  The characters that they create and the story lines they write are borderline genius.


It is such a simple formula, but they figured it out and are able to cash in on it for all it's worth.  As a kid watching wrestling, it blew my mind.  As an adult, obviously I can see it for what it is, but that didn't stop it from being fun to watch.  I have to give these men and women credit - not only are they physical specimens, but they have to role play and act as well.  Is it award winning?  No.  Does it get the job done?  Yes, and that's really all that matters.  At one point I actually thought the ref couldn't count past 2!


At the end of the day, my son and I had fun together and were able to do some bonding over wrestling.  We were both entertained (for probably different reasons), but it was a nice escape from reality for a night.  I'm not leaving out the ladies either - there were plenty of Moms and daughters there as well.  It was packed with all sorts of family combinations, with everyone just having fun.

If wrestling is something that your kids are into I would highly recommend going. It is something you have to do at least once. One night of fun in Buffalo last night has provided a lifetime of memories.