After 59 years in business, Fantasy Island has officially closed for good.

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According to its website, the Grand Island amusement park has permanently closed and thanked its customers.

Doug Mandell, the marketing director of Fantasy Island, released a statement on Wednesday.

"Despite significant effort and a great deal of investment in infrastructure, rides and new themed areas, we have not seen an improvement in operating results. As such, we made the difficult decision to cease operations. This was not a decision entered into lightly. Team members are being assisted by their supervisors and the company is working to minimize impact to those affected. Guests may visit for answers to commonly asked questions."

American Coaster Enthusiasts reports that Apex Parks Group (owners of Fantasy Island) are putting the rides up for sale.

Now, according to WIVB, people that have bought season passes to the theme park are urged to file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. If enough are gathered, then the office can look into it.

Apex has yet to answer about why they felt the need to close the park on such short notice.

You can file a complaint in the link below if you bought a season pass.

Fantasy Island first opened in 1961.

Fantasy Island closing is extremely sad. It's the first amusement park I ever went to -- my parents took me there before I was even big enough to ride roller coasters -- a ton of memories in that theme park.

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