Every Sunday night, a young Niagara Falls boy hits the high-wire in his front yard to entertain anyone who happens to come by.  Eleven-year-old Vincenzo Bianco has been putting on a wire walk show ever since Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls on a tight rope.

Vincenzo's interest in high-wire walking was sparked by all the commotion surrounding Wallenda's walk across the falls.  The  boy was there to witness the stunt and soon after sold toys and worked as a ball boy at the Porter Cup so he could afford to buy a slack line to walk on.   The Buffalo News reports Vincenzo has since bought a thicker rope and moved to larger trees and a higher height while developing a routine.

Vincent Bianco, the boy's father, knew it was time to set some height restrictions when he glanced out the window of his second-story bedroom and saw his son walking in front of him.

"I'm like, 'Dude, you need to lower that,'?" he said.

So, Vincenzo added a few new tricks, including a reverse walk and a Wallenda-esque fist-pump.

Vincenzo hopes to someday to walk the second story of the Walden Galleria.  While his mom worries he may someday join the circus, the boy says he's not ready to risk his life to walk a high-wire and someday plans to become a lawyer.