If you're like me and you normally toss your EZ Pass statement without looking at it -- stop and check to make sure you aren't being over-charged for tolls on the Thruway.

According to an investigation from WHEC, if there's a problem with reading your tag when you enter the Thruway -- the EZ Pass system will charge you the maximum toll for where you exit.

WHEC reports the case of a Rochester area man who was overcharged nearly $30 on two trips: "[his] statement shows that E-ZPass did not register where he got on the NYS Thruway. But it tracked the exit where he got off and that's when the system charged him as if he entered the NYS Thruway at the furthest toll away."

If you realize you have issues with E-ZPass charges, you can call 1-800-333-TOLLE-ZPass statements can be looked up going back 90 days.