Everyone wants to know where their portion of New York State will reopen.  If you have been watching Governor Cuomo's briefings you know that each area in the state, for example, a county,  has to meet seven criteria before reopening.

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WIVB-TV reported that Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has said that there will be no "Grand Reopening".  Currently, Erie County has only met three of the seven benchmarks.  The hope is that we will hit all seven by June.

Mark Poloncarz indicated on his Twitter account:

  • Phase one includes general construction, manufacturing, and some retail with curbside pickup. Employers will also have to come up with a plan to safely reopen.
  • Phase two includes service industries such as law and accounting firms and various other retail.
  • Phase three would reopen bars and restaurants, but with limited capacity.
  • Stage four will let museums, movie theaters, and other recreation reopen.

According to the County Executive, there will be two weeks between each phase to monitor for setbacks, which would at a minimum take about eight weeks for the entire process to be completed, again barring any setbacks.

This again puts the oneness on the employers to have their plan in place, and for the plan to be enforced.  Unfortunately, this will also be up to patrons to heed social distancing requirements and not to jump in with both feet.

While, without sounding like a pessimist,  I would like to see this plan in motion without any setbacks, however, I personally don't see that occurring, given human nature and trial and error.

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