The results from a multi-district survey show that most parents are in favor of students returning to school in the Fall, with safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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WIVB-TV reports 68% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that school should resume as normal in September with procedures to reduce the spread of illness, while 10% strongly disagreed with the idea of returning to school as normal.

21.6% agreed or strongly agreed that a hybrid approach (half of the students in school and half remotely learning) should be implemented in September, while 55% disagreed or strongly disagreed with a hybrid approach.
The survey was sent out to people via email in 17 school districts. More than 24,000 people participated in the survey.

The results have been sent to the New York State Education Department Interim Commissioner Tahoe, as well as to the attention of Governor Andrew Cuomo, for their information and review.

So what do you think?  Many parents that I have heard from were frustrated with the prospect of having to home school for the Fall season.  Mainly do to either the lack of time or experience in teaching in this fashion.

There is definitely a newfound appreciation for teachers and what they do.

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