I celebrated my daughter's birthday at The Buffalo Zoo over the weekend and it was absolutely incredible!



My daughter celebrated her 8th Birthday at The Buffalo Zoo and it was amazing! It started out with frozen edible cookie dough from The Frozen Hog. The kids loved this because they paired it with ice cream and it was absolutely incredible. It was a sweet treat to begin the birthday party. You gotta book The Frozen Hog at your next event!

Then we had an animal encounter. First, it was a Chinchilla and then a tortoise. So much fun! Then, it was off to the Rainforest to check out the anteater (my daughter's favorite.)

From there, we went on a mini tour of the zoo checking out the Giraffes, Rhino's, and then to end our tour was a q & a with the polar bears. Well, not actual polar bears but with a Zoo guide.

We trekked back for some yummy food. To end the event we had a magician whom I highly recommend! Bill Baldwin. Even though some of the kids were debunking his tricks thanks to Youtube, he still ended up "wowing" them. He has great rates too!

Then it was the unwrapping of the gifts from the 21 kids that attended my daughter's party. (This is always the fun part.) We were so thankful to have kids from her old school, new school and even her dance friends. All in all it was a great time and a phenomenal experience that we will NEVER forget!