Check this out!  Buffalo getting national attention in USA Today's "OMG! meals of 2015!"  Duffs was mentioned in the article:

"Great American Bites did an extensive wing tour of Buffalo, trying the original at its birthplace, tons of hot styles, and esoteric varieties from barbecue to teriyaki to Sicilian. But the best of the traditional Buffalo hot wings, and the only ones to rate OMG, were at this beloved local institution which has been going spicy since 1969. In fact, heat is Duff’s claim to fame, and the menu clearly reads “Warning! Medium IS HOT, Medium Hot IS VERY HOT and Hot is VERY, VERY HOT.” There are several other grades including mild, mild medium and medium light, plus options for upping the ante on hot with added suicidal or death sauces. The medium and the medium light were the class of Buffalo’s hot wing field, and even President Obama tried them in 2010."

Gotta love the "hot is VERY, VERY HOT!" part.  Truth!  Check out the full article here.

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