Dr. Pepper is offering a limited-edition Dark Berry flavor in conjunction with the new Spider-man movie.

The drink is very hard to find and it looks like a majority of retailers are already sold out!

According to Walmart.com, the drink has a "Dark" twist to it!

Dr Pepper has a NEW flavor...but it’s NOT around forever. It’s Dr Pepper Dark Berry, a SPECIAL-EDITION flavor celebrating Spider-Man Far From Home, in theaters July 2nd. Try it today for a dark twist on the twenty-three legendary flavors you love. Dark Berry starts with the distinct taste of Dr Pepper, then adds darker fruit flavors, such as black currant, blackberry, and black cherry to deliver a truly unique spin on Dr Pepper.

We found a couple of cases listed on eBay and they start at $12 and go all the way up the hundreds!

There is also some available via Amazon.