Viral videos can sometimes be annoying...but some are quite humorous, while bringing awareness to some very noteworthy causes.

You've probably become familiar with the viral video campaign called the "Ice Bucket Challenge" for ALS awareness.  It's helped raise over $4 million in it's first week!  (Y)ou'll see it on Twitter as #icebucketchallenge with #als

As we continue to mourn the untimely death of Robin Williams, a new challenge has been issued for suicide prevention and awareness:  the Doubtfire-Face Challenge.

The concept is simple:  reenact the infamous "OH HELLOOOOOOO" scene from Mrs. Doubtfire, and issue a challenge to friends and family to do the same.  If they refuse the challenge, they must make a donation to the cause.

When you send it out, be sure to use #doubtfireface #SayHelloToSuicidePrevention

Here's our crack at it! (Gordon didn't even know we were doing anything special....he was having his daily afternoon whipped cream...)




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