The Department of Transportation recently released a report from a 2016 study that "determined that aggressive drivers impacted operational issues at the intersection of Union Road and the Kensington Expressway."

The Cheektowaga Chronicle reports the study was requested by Cheektowaga Councilmember James Rogowski, who asked the DOT "to make sure that proper signage and crossings were in place to avoid “an accident or death” at the intersection."

I enter the 33 at this intersection frequently, and there always seems to be confusion about who has the right of way, and often cars are between intersections through light changes. But I agree with what the DOT's findings were: "Observations indicated that operational issues at the time were a result of aggressive driving rather than a lack of awareness on the part of the drivers, leading to conflict at the intersection."

But asking drivers to be better behaved doesn't seem like a realistic solution. The Cheektowaga Chronicle cites a recent fatal accident at this intersection, reporting that "a new traffic engineering investigation is underway by the DOT at the intersection and the surrounding area as a result of the accident."