Dyngus Day is upon us, and like most awesome holidays, there are required accessories.

You're probably well aware that pussy willows and squirt guns should be on your list of things to get -- but ladies, don't forget the crown!

You can purchase ready-made ones if you're going to the Dyngus Day Parade, and they're also available at the Broadway Market, and you probably know someone's Nana who'll make you one if you ask nicely. But if you're a DIY-er like me, this can be a fun project to tackle yourself.

For this project, I got all of my supplies from the dollar store. Here's what you'll need*:

-fake flowers
-florist tape
-floral wire (thin)
-floral wire (thick)

*You'll also need scissors and wire cutters

I watched a few YouTube videos to get the hang of wiring the flowers together. Here's a good one:

First, take the thicker floral wire and measure it around your head (and add two inches). Form into a circle and wrap the edges up and around the loop to close it off.

Then arrange your flowers. Pop the heads off the stems, and poke a 4-inch length of the thin floral wire through the bottom of the flower.


Make a loop and pull down to anchor the flower. Wrap around the headband loop. Repeat until all your flowers are arranged the way you like.

Then take floral tape and wrap around the base of the loop and over any sharp edges of wire that might be poking out.

Now, cut your ribbon (as long as you like it), and either loop it around the headband, or double knot.

You're all set! Na Zdorovie!