Help out the police here in any way you can here.

Actually, help out little nine-year-old Meech Mills who is just "really sad" about his finger that is now, mostly, missing.

Mills was hanging on the Cheektowaga Town Park basketball court fence Wednesday around dinner time when a dog pulled on it's leash so hard that it pulled the owner as it lunged at the young boy. The pit bull mix bit the middle finger off the boy starting at his knuckle.

The woman and the dog then fled, leaving the boy there bleeding. By the time the boy and his mother got to Women & Children’s Hospital in Buffalo they were unable to reattach the finger. Following the attack, he will have to go back every two days for rabies shots. Police think that the owner may live in the neighborhood and maybe had a son playing in the park at the same time as the attack.

According to the Buffalo News:

The owner was described as a white woman in her mid-20s with brown hair that had tips dyed red. Amy Prieur, (the boy's mother), believes that the dog owner’s son also was at the basketball court at the time of the attack.

Dogs are allowed in the park, but only on a certain dog path that is not near the basketball

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