Have you noticed people dressing more casually at work?  Maybe a sport coat and an opened collar shirt, slacks...Dress Down Friday...

Offices across the U.S. are adopting a more relaxed dress code, according to a new study..

Only one in five workplaces in the US enforce a smart dress code, which has allowed for a rise in casual attire like jeans and other more comfortable wear.

The study, commissioned by global fashion platform Lyst, decided to take a look at denim in the world today and at the same time investigated workplace couture. The results surprised many, revealing that more than 80% believed their workplace dress code has become more casual overall in the last decade.

“As work hours have increased and the ‘always on’ culture has come to prominence thanks to developments in tech and connectivity, the lines between our work lives and our home lives have blurred,” a Lyst spokesperson said in a press release. “Work is no longer siloed off from the rest of our lives, and therefore it is right that the rules around dress codes in the workplace have become more relaxed.”

America’s workplace has adopted a more comfortable fit in recent years.

Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported the American men’s suit market has fallen 8% since 2015, while sports apparel has grown by 17% in the same span.

When I was in management at the radio station I used to wear a suit everyday.  Now that I am doing the morning show here I can dress casually.  Just last week I wore shorts and a golf shirt...won't do that again.  The catcalls were annoying (ahem).