"The Biggest Loser" has gone to the dogs, cats and bunny rabbits in the United Kingdom.  Eighteen overweight pets have been chosen to take part in a weight loss competition called Pet Fit Club in the U.K.  Do any of these animals remind you of your pet?

The pets featured in the following  YouTube  video will take part in a 6 month diet and exercise program tailored to meet their needs in hopes of achieving maximum weight loss and becoming fit and healthy in a bid to be crowned the Pet Fit Club winner of 2012!  (The contest is not televised.)

The Pet Fit Club competition is organized by  "PDSA for pets in need of vets."  This years contest features five cats, eleven dogs and two rabbits.  PDSA measures their obesity, for instance Fifi the cat is 107-percent overweight and gorges herself at every opportunity.  Merlin is an obese border collie at 111-percent overweight. 

For more information on the contestants  click here.  (PDSA advises you to check with your vet before beginning any diet and exercise program for your pet.  PDSA also lists general diet information for dogs, cats and rabbits on its website, as well as exercise info for dogs, cats and rabbits.)