Do you remember how much fun Jarts were?  If you just said, "what the heck are Jarts..." You missed out on one of the most fun/most dangerous games ever. about taking a trip back in time!  Lawn Darts or as many people liked to call them, "Jarts" was the name that they used to describe a lawn game that involved throwing large darts across the lawn to land in a small hoop to score points.

13‐inch pointed darts weighing more than five ounces each - how could that toy be bad??  As you can imagine it was incredibly dangerous. If you get hit by one of these huge darts, it could be fatal.  They're heavy...and kind of pointy.  After lobbying in the 80's, the toy was banned in the United States.  For that reason, they're illegal to sell.

Yes, adults can be cautious when they played them...the problem was that the toys were often left in garages with the other lawn games and kids would get a hold of them.  Many of the injuries and deaths happened when young kids would get their hands on them and throw them at each other.

You can still buy Jarts online but they aren't cheap.  They sell for around $100-$150 per set on sites like eBay, craigslist, and facebook Marketplace.