Yesterday, on the new Mix Morning show, Dave and I were talking about different smells. Juli, our midday Goddess, said she loves to smell her dogs paws...


I am a citrus sort of person. I love oranges, tangerines, and lemons. I love the smell of lemon Pledge. It just smells soooo good! When Juli came on the show, she told me about sniffing her dogs paws. I found this to be rather bizarre and gross. It is like smelling the bottom of sneakers, with the dirt, mud, etc... At least, that is what I associated it with.

I wanted to challenge this. I thought it was wacky to think that a dogs paws smell like corn chips. I have two rescue dogs. Wicket and Stitch. Both senior dogs, and one is half blind. They are part of my family and I would do anything for them!

I decided to actually take the time and sniff Wicket's paws last night.  You gotta check out the video to find out if they actually smell like corn chips!