Today, there's no shortage of conspiracy theories, predictions, or speculation.

So why not add fuel to the fire....and add in a 16th century "seer", Nostradamus.  (If you're into his work, you can watch a somewhat terrifying full video from History Channel here...)

Donald Trump Campaigns In Raleigh Ahead Of Election Day
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There's been some buzz about one particular quatrain (as well as some referring to  Nostradamus' prediction of a 3rd Antichrist, after Napoleon and Hitler), Century I, 40:

The false trumpet concealing madness
will cause Byzantium to change its laws.
From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.

Naturally, some are claiming the "false trumpet" is referring to Donald Trump, winning the election.  Further quatrains go on to mention "agreements broken" (maybe Trump's comments related to ending US treaties?) and "the wall" (I think we know what conspiracy theorists are getting at here....).

Hillary Clinton Campaigns Across US One Day Ahead Of Presidential Election
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But not to worry, the theories also span to the left....with some saying this quatrain:

Near Aquarius Saturn is turned back,
The fire of Mars is put out in Aquarius,
Towards Aquilon (The Eagle – the U.S.) to the South, the great female,
Flora (Florida) is the gate that will hold.

...specifically refers to Florida being Hillary's key to victory. And this fun one:

The Masculine woman will exert herself to the north
She will annoy nearly all of Europe and the rest of the world
Two failures will put her in such an imbalance
That both life and death will strengthen eastern Europe

...suggests the possibility of Hillary's win leading to Putin aggravating relations between Russia and America....even some suggesting it will lead to WWIII, starting between Russia and China.

Can we maybe agree that the fate of this election is in OUR hands? The voters who can make a difference?

Vote for the kind of country you want to see, and who you think can get us there.  Politics aside, and like it or not, we are all in this together. We have to be.