If you're a fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show, there are 2 times a year when this song may really pop into your head (outside of Halloween, obviously).

There are also 2 times a year when the hard-to-program-clock in your car or home will actually be correct! :)

Ever wonder why we do "daylight savings time"?  Find out here.

Yes, we lose an hour of sleep this weekend (spring FORWARD one hour at 2am Sunday), but that means we're an hour closer to SPRING and SUMMER!!

Of course, we remind you to check the batteries in all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and if you're not sure if your fire extinguisher is charged, wouldn't be a bad idea to swing by your local fire house and have it checked out!

Need some tips on how to "adjust" (more than your clock) for DST?

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