Happy birthday America!  Looking great at just 239!  (Young compared to the rest of the world's countries!)  In honor of Independence Day, here are my top five patriotic movies to enjoy over the weekend.

5.  Team America: World Police - As always, I'm biased with my selection. I'm a HUGE South Park fan and that comedic style combined with marionette puppets made this movie hilarious......and patriotic.

4.  Top Gun - A classic from the 80s, this movie has an awesome soundtrack as well.   Enjoy this patriotic "80s cheese".

3.  The Patriot - Plain and simple, this is a movie about our country's independence.  One of my favorite scenes below.

2.  Rocky IV - If you only see one Rocky movie, THIS is the one.  It's old school 80s USA vs Soviet Union, and one of the best 'movie' boxing fights of all time.

1.  Independence Day - Ok, so aliens come down and the Fresh Prince and Harry Connick Jr. are fighter pilots.  It's a 90s classic that still holds up, not to mention a GREAT presidential speech that will give you chills. Enjoy!