This is an emotional one. When Shannon Larrison’s daughter Katelyn decided she was going to go over seas to serve our country she was a mess. But, than her father did something that Shannon says made her very “happy and sad” at the same time.

Father Tim Larrison, who came home over a year ago from serving decided that if his daughter was going to serve, he was going back with her. "He thought this would be a great way to keep me out of trouble," she joked to the crowd at the ribbon-cutting ceremony last February.

"My head and my heart don't match," Shannon told WJRT-TV last year. "I'm happy that he's going to be with our daughter, because to me she's just a little girl. But at the same time, I don't want them to go. I'm happy and sad."

When Katelyn,19, first heard the news of her dad going she was shaking and in tears. "I think it's comforting for her that I'll be there and she'll have someone to go to," Msg. Larrison said. “The pair served in the same unit, though in different capacities: She's in communications, while he's with the military police”.

This is one of only a couple times in history that a father-daughter duo has served our country together. But, the best part was their welcome home and their entire Michigan hometown coming to welcome them at the airport.

"Oh man, a lot of people, it was very exciting, it's nice to be welcomed home. Just seeing the support and the flags, it was bigger than I imagined ", said Katelyn.

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