Much to the dismay of moms and dads everywhere, children many times ignore requests or instructions from their parents. Sometimes the child may not hear what's being communicated, or they just ignore what they hear because they don't want to oblige, and they may be waging protest, in their own way or are simply being stubborn.

Repeating requests —  brush your teeth, do your homework, clean your room — is a source of great frustration for parents.
Kimberly L. Keith, M.Ed, LPC who is a licensed professional counselor in an interview with Very Well Family gave the following advice...

  • Set a Time Frame
  • Be Specific and Don't Phrase Your Request as a Question
  • Watch for Compliance
  • Check for Understanding
  •  Praise Success
  •  Give Fair Warning
  • Be Consistent and Follow Through

These steps may seem ineffective the first several times you employ them but stick with it. Eventually, both of you will get used to the method. You will get better at phrasing your requests firmly and purposefully the first time, and your child will come to understand that you do not ask arbitrary or unreasonable requests of them.

You can read more about how to deal with your child here. can do what this Dad did...

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