I love to go camping. There is something very relaxing when you get back to nature. I've been camping for 34 years and have camped in eight different states. I can tell you the New York State park system is one of the best! Camping is a natural progression. I started out as a tent camper, then went to a pop up, now I have a trailer. I've learned a lot over the years about what to do and not to do when you camp. And I'm still learning. So I'm starting a series of camping tips. Hopefully you'll find them helpful!

Here's my first tip. Most people start out camping in a tent. My first tent was made out of canvas, and we set it up wrong. Well it rained heavily that night and I woke up with a wall of water just inches from my face. Today's tents are very wll made. But there is no tent made that can stand up to a heavy rainfall. You will get wet and so will your gear. The solution. Always "tarp" your tent. Tarps are cheap. Get one big enough to go over your tent and stake it down. You'll stay dry in the heaviest of rain storms. Much better than trying to dry out your sleeping bag the next morning!

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