This photo alone puts me in footsie-pajamas, laying on my parents' brown shag carpet in front of the TV, eating popcorn out of the big stainless steel bowl (also known as the "puke bowl") and sipping a root beer float.

Literally, THAT was what Christmastime looked like to me, every single year.

If you have similar memories...or are now making them with your own kids...let me know! (Either comment below or send me an email!)

Here are just a few of the classics, when they're on, and on what channel!

  • 11/29:  Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, 8pm, CBS
  • 11/30: Christmas at Rockefeller, 8pm, NBC
  • 11/30: Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors, 9pm, NBC
  • 12/1: The Great American Baking Show, 9pm, ABC
  • 12/2: I Love Lucy Christmas Special, 8pm, CBS
  • 12/8: Shrek the Halls, 8:30pm, ABC
  • 12/10: It's a Wonderful Life, 8pm, NBC
  • 12/11: Frozen, 8pm, ABC
  • 12/14: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, 8pm, AMC
  • 12/14: Pentatonix Christmas Special, 8pm, NBC
  • 12/17: A Christmas Carol, 8pm, AMC
  • 12/17: I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown!, 8pm, ABC
  • 12/18: Home Alone Double Feature, 8pm, AMC
  • 12/24: A Christmas Story Marathon, 12am, TBS (thru Christmas day)
  • 12/24: White Christmas, 2:30am, AMC
  • 12/24: It's a Wonderful Life, 8pm, NBC
  • 12/24: Santa Claus: The Movie, 8:30am, AMC
  • 12/25: All I Want for Christmas, 8:30am, Sundance TV
  • 12/26: Happy New Year, Charlie Brown, 8pm, ABC