Chipotle is known for many things ( besides delicious guacamole) some of those well known facts are the companies care for fresh and local ingredients. Through out the years Chipotle has spent a great deal of effort to promote the importance of farming practices and buying from local farmers.

Some of those ways have been through the use of animated videos. In previous years Chipotle has posted videos such as "Back to the Start" which featured a song by Willie Nelson and spotlighted the importance of raising farm animals properly. Now Chipotle has released a new video, once again highlighting one of the companies core values.

The New animated video is entitled 'A Love Story' the video is around four minutes and features a cover of the Backstreet Boys song 'I Want It That Way'. The cover is preformed by Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes). In the video you can watch the story of two young kids learn the importance of fresh and locally grown food.

Check out the New adorable video below!