I found a list of "Middle Aged Texting Codes" on Facebook that made me laugh out loud, or should I say "LOL." Which got me thinking, how abbreviations can mean so many different things to so many people. For example, a coworker of mine has an older relative who writes "LOL" for everything. She means "Lots of Love." So here's my list of "texting codes" for parents... feel free to add your own!

COS: Child over shoulder!
THF: Teen having fit!
DFLMD: Don't feel like making dinner!
MYOL: Make your own lunch!
DAFL: Doesn't anyone fold laundry?
DILLAM: Do I look like a maid?

WDUTURTT:  Who do you think you're talking to?

FTD:  Feed the dog!

XD: Exhausted!
NT: No time!
NM: No money!
NW: No way!