OK...lets all take a deep breath. We'll get through this together. But you may have to ditch your regular ordering of the coveted summer cooler, the margarita.

There's a news report flyin' around that says your margarita may inadvertently try to poison you.

The theory is, if you suffer from an allergy called phytophotodermatitis (which doctors have termed "Margarita Dermatitis"), you could end up with a face full of weird blisters. The kicker is that you probably don't KNOW if you have that allergy or not. Until it's too late, and the rash has already begun...and everyone's already pointing and laughing.

With phytophotodermatitis, when the sun hits lime oil, it can cause a rash similar to poison ivy. If you've just squeezed lime into a drink (so, fair warning: It doesn't have to be JUST a margarita...), the oil from the lime gets on your hand. When you drink it, lime oil gets on your lips. If you've got this weird allergy, bing-bam-boom you've got a rash.

This is why I always order my margarita with NO lime. And no salt. And no ice. And no juice at all.


Will this hinder your love of the margarita this summer?

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