If you know me, Mark Richards, you know I spent a dozen years doing radio in the Utica, New York area. My son graduated form Proctor High school. So did Will Smith, a 1999 Proctor High School graduate who went on to play college football at Ohio State where he was part of their National Championship team.

He then was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in '04 and he was with New Orleans when they won the Super Bowl! Sadly, he was killed the other night in New Orleans following a road rage incident according to NOLA.com.

According to NOLA:

the former Saints defensive end, was shot and killed in New Orleans following a fender bender late Saturday (April 9), authorities said. The driver of a vehicle that hit Smith's SUV shot the ex-NFL star after Smith and the driver "exchanged words," according to New Orleans police.

A suspect is in police custody.

Mr. Smith was well known in the Central New York area for his charity work and he would come back to Utica, New York to work with young athletes. He will be sadly missed by his friends and family here in New York and around the NFL world.

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