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Flour Recalled For Possible E. Coli
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the happens...

General Mills, the maker of Gold Medal flour, has recalled 5-pound bags of its unbleached all-purpose flour for possible E. coli O26 contamination, the FDA announced on Monday.
Did You Know THESE Conditions Are Contagious?
We are all probably just a door handle or a sneeze away from a cold, or the flu. We all have seen the signs that pop up this time of year about, inoculations and vaccinations. But there are some maladies that you may not even know were contagious.
Things That Happen When You Sit All Day
Hey there "desk-potato"...We spend a lot more time sitting than people used to, and it's taking a toll on our bodies. Think about some of these things that happen while you are sitting there reading this...
Safest Big Cities To Visit
The chaos in today's world from weather to politics has made people wary of travel... especially traveling to other countries. But something called the Economist Intelligence Unit just put out a list of the SAFEST big cities to travel to.

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