Passes For Lifetime Pasta At Olive Garden
Do you remember the promotion Olive Garden has been running once a year where they sell the "Never Ending Pasta Pass" . . . you pay $100 and get unlimited pasta, salad, and breadsticks for nine weeks?
Well if you liked that, you're going to LOVE this.
Do You Eat Meals Staring At A Screen?
Remember when you were young and Mom or Dad used to say, take a break from TV, turn it off and come have dinner. Now many of us are probably guilty of taking our phones to breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us.
Consuming Less Fatty Foods Might Not Be Good For You
If you're on a low-fat diet, this may be of interest to you..

A new report in the medical journal BMJ suggests current dietary recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) — which suggest limiting saturated fat intake — might actually hurt your health.
This New Kenmore Bakery Is Sweet, Literally
A new bakery in Kenmore is "sweet" for everyone, and when we say for everyone- vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, even keto-friendly- as well as traditional pastries and cakes.
Fig Tree Patisserie, 3602 Delaware Avenue, opened its doors on Monday 7/1...

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