The Formula For A Perfect Christmas
A survey figured out the "formula" for a perfect Christmas. According to the research, the most important aspects for an impeccable Christmas are getting all the family together, having a real tree and eating turkey.
What To Expect At Thanksgiving Dinner
Nearly 7 in 10 Americans will be annoyed by cell phones at Thanksgiving Dinner. 3 out of 10 of us according to research admit to checking or using mobile devices during the Thanksgiving meal.
The Keto Diet Will Help You Avoid The Flu
The keto diet is really popular right now . . . that's where you basically eat NO carbs, just a lot of fats, meat, some dairy, and a few vegetables. Well, not only will it help you lose's an unexpected side effect.
Ways To Save Money On Thanksgiving Dinner
The average Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people costs about $48.90.  Less than $5 per person, according to the American Farm Bureau's. That sounds reasonable, but aren't leftovers the best part?
Here are five tips to help you save a few bucks this year ...

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