Candy Crush is everywhere!

I try not to get sucked into games on my phone or through Facebook. My wife is constantly tapping away in the car (while I'm driving), on the couch, while she's relaxing in bed.  I asked her the other day, "Who are you constantly texting?" She said she wasn't texting -- she was playing Candy Crush.

We were at a party last week, and a huge conversation was going about this game.  One person after another got sucked in.  Everyone is addicted! They were talking about levels and buying lives. I had to find out what this was all about.

People liken it to Bejeweled or Tetris.  They're so mesmerized by this game, they now look down at bathroom tiles and try to figure out what pieces can be eliminated.

Be careful with this one.  Even though the game is free to download and free to play, you can purchase moves and lives to move it forward.  Imagine getting a huge credit card bill because of Candy Crush.  Oh, it happens -- probably more than we'd like to admit.

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