I do an awful lot of reading. Ask anybody around here [well, anybody who's here at the same time I am. They'll tell you]. Almost none of it is in the category of "romantic mystery." But a real-life one is playing out as you read this. And maybe you can solve it.

Angila Golik is an amateur photographer from Nevada. She was in Washington, DC on business July Second when she stumbled upon what may be one of the most romantic moments in any couple's life. She made this video to explain what she saw:


Golik wants to give the photos she took to the couple. But, of course, she has no idea who they are. Well, she knows the man is in the Air Force. Of course, the large Andrews Air Force base is near Washington. When she tried to post the pictures in an Air Base publication, she was informed that she would need permission from the people in the picture.

So Golik is going public with her search. Why am I putting the video up? Well, there's an Air Force base in Niagara Falls. Maybe the Air Force member was stationed there. Maybe someone reading this knows one or the other of them for another reason. Either way, if you do, you can contact Golik at  adgolik32@gmail.com. Hope she finds the couple. I do love a happy ending...

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